The Easiest Way to Grow Your Own Potatoes

raised bed garden
Raised Bed Garden

I gotta admit, I’m something of a lazy gardener. I will always seek out the easiest way to plant vegetables and grow my own food. But I have some good excuses, too: I don’t like tilling soil because it disrupts the soil life, and why would I spend all that time weeding when I can add more mulch to my garden beds (which also adds carbon, and keeps the soil moist)?

Well, one of my favorite lazy and easy to grow vegetables is the potato. Last year, I had great success growing a nice stash of potatoes with little effort. Here’s how it works.

You can read more about Ziggy’s potato-growing adventures over on our sister site, Sustainablog!

Image credit: VeggieGardeningTips at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

  1. Cal

    I should really try to plant some potatoes. I’ve never tried it. How late in the spring would you suggest would be the maximum start? My entire garden is in for the summer, but after a mid summer harvest I will need some fall crops. Usually I do a second planting of lettuce and kale, but would be interested in potatoes.

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