The Death to Deathwatch?

As a former restaurateur, I have always been appalled, even disgusted, at those restaurant/food blogs that feel it is their need to consistently obsess over the demises of a local entrepreneurs hard earned business. Why must we always rubberneck and concentrate on the negatives? With the state of the restaurant biz these days, do we need 5 posts-a-day on which chef is going to layoff more staff or who is about to bounce paychecks? Is this how people get their kicks?

With that mindset, I was pleasantly surprised, almost overjoyed, when Eater.com posted the following notice on Tuesday, November 11, 2008,

An emergency meeting of the Deathwatch Committee was called earlier today, with the upshot being that the Deathwatch has been suspended until further notice (but absolutely not-no way in hell-permanently). In its stead, Eater will be bringing you some new features in the coming weeks, one of which shall be called Rally Cry, which has you nominating restaurants we then collectively try to save.

The point is that we know that you know that we know that we’re all in this together. We’ve got no love for a scenario with fewer great restaurants to obsess over, so here’s us doing our part.

Two thumbs-up and a big “tip-of-the-hat”, thank you Stephen Colbert. After all, the word sustainable means “the capacity to maintain a certain process or state indefinitely.” Or at least long enough to get our fill.

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