The Container Garden Expansion Continues!

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We ended up with a few more herbs than could fit in the herb spirals that my husband and I built this weekend, so I grabbed some pots from and planted the leftover rosemary, tarragon, and onion chives on the back deck.

There’s one more addition to this growing container army that I mentioned on the Eat Drink Better Facebook page but not here: I ordered a Meyer lemon tree online on Friday! It should arrive any day now, and I’ve got a pot and a little wheeled base, so that I can move it inside if the temperatures get too chilly for my new citrus tree.

This container garden is suddenly a lot more responsibility, but I think I can handle it. Luckily, my husband is out in the yard practically every weekend, so the plants out there have a much better chance of living. He’s a much better gardener than I am!

Have you guys grown lots of herbs or a lemon tree before? If you’ve got tips on maintaining the plants, I’d love to hear advice!

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2 thoughts on “The Container Garden Expansion Continues!”

  1. Lemon trees are really fun to grow and when they flower inside they will fill the whole room with an amazing smell. a few things they do:
    sometimes they drop all their leaves off, usually due to stress from being moved, temperature shock, or being root bound.
    many little lemons will be aborted around the size of a marble.
    when they bloom inside, you have to be the “bee” if you want some lemons, so grab a tiny paintbrush and get to work.
    they are very hardy and over the years may trick you into thinking they have died, wait a month and it will probably show signs of life yet again. have fun.

    1. Thanks for the tips, Travis! According to UPS, the tree should arrive today. I can’t wait to get it planted! That’s good to know about pollinating and that it fakes death sometimes. I’ll keep watering and be patient with our new citrus family member!

      It’s going to live outside at first, since we’ve been having hot weather lately, but I’ll need to remember that paintbrush trick for fall/winter when we have to wheel it in from the cold.

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