The Best Seed Catalogs – What’s Your Favorite?

Ever since I became interested in organic farming, I’ve been kind of addicted to seed catalogs. I can look at them for hours, especially the ones with exotic or unusual produce varieties.

Whether you’re interested in starting a garden or you just want to try some new varieties of produce next year, seed catalogs are a great way to research what will work for you.

They can help you pick fruits and vegetables that will grow well in your climate and space limitations, and also give you insight into which varieties are best suited for novice vs. experienced gardeners. Plus they’re just so darn fun to look at.

Here are my three favorites (you can check them out on the web or request a free paper catalog):

Johnny’s Selected Seeds:

Most of the seeds that we buy at the farm are from Johnny’s. They have a large selection of heirloom and hybrid seeds, and are one of the most affordable sources of seeds.

Territorial Seed Company:

A really beautiful catalog with both common and unusual varieties of produce. Also a great source for organic gardening supplies.

Kitazawa Seed Company:

Kitazawa specializes in Asian vegetable seeds. Because I adore Asian cuisine, this company is my go-to source for exotic greens, eggplants, and herbs.

The best way to find new and exciting sources of seeds is through recommendations. Do you have a favorite seed catalog? We’d love to hear about it! Share your favorite as a comment.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Seed Catalogs – What’s Your Favorite?”

  1. I adore Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Located in Mansfield, MO, the company offers 1200 heirloom seeds each season. They have a beautiful catalogue, for sure, but the coolest thing is they have a full online catalogue if you basically know what you are looking for. I have to admit that the seeds I have purchased from them have all done wonderfully in my zone. Please take a visit to Baker Creek:

    1. Baker Creek is a really good source for heirloom seeds! I love looking through their paper catalog – such gorgeous pics!

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