The Best Organic Food in San Francisco is at the Cool and Casual Lettüs Cafe

Lettüs Organic Cafe in San Francisco is an organization committed to furthering sustainable practices and healthy living. Winner of several awards, and on the top of the foodie review lists, this cafe is truly the best of the bay area, in my humble opinion. The cafe features delicious freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, salads, yummy bowls, sandwiches and their famous mouth watering garden burgers, that even carnivores yearn for. In their own words:

“In many cases, food has been growing only a day or two before it is served to our customers. When it is not available locally, we search the globe in our quest for the best organic, natural or artisan quality ingredients as reflected in our coffees, teas, and spirits.”

While the organic ingredients for Lettüs’s dishes are practically all locally sourced, that is not so with the unique materials used for the interior…For example, strips of hickory reclaimed from a barn in Illinois line the ceiling and walls of Lettüs Cafe, and Royal Mosa (a zero waste company based in the Netherlands) tiles are used.

Their packaging for to-go orders features compostable containers made from Nebraska-grown corn, and cutlery made out of potatoes. In fact, the “grab and go” clamshells are biodegrade in 45 days, and the to-go cutlery takes two months to decompose.

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