The Amazing Mint Revival!

If you’ve been following my account of my container garden, you might remember that awesome mint explosion that had me rich with delicious mint. You might also have noticed that I haven’t mentioned my mint in some time.

Confession time: I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but the mint plant out front took a turn for the horrible. The leaves and stems turned dark brown and brittle, and nothing new was happening. My friend Kip assured me that mint is hard to kill, and that sometimes it looks dead when really it isn’t. It was reassuring, but my plan was to reclaim that pot over this past weekend, while I was doing other fun things in the garden.

I headed out front on Sunday, and saw an amazing thing…

mint revival

Check out those bright green little mint sprigs! Very cool, right? The photo above is from after I trimmed away all of the sad, dead parts of the plant, and the mint seems to be coming back, just like Kip assured me it would. Hurrah!

Have you guys had anything like this happen in your gardens? Let’s share success stories in the comments!

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