The 100-Mile Wedding Anniversary: Sonoma Farmhouse Inn

Today is my twelfth wedding anniversary.  I find myself twelve years into a fabulous marriage, at the Sonoma Farmhouse Inn, writing a blog post.  So, I’m going to make it short.

In addition to four fabulous kids, a sense of perspective, lots of laughs and rock-like stability, my incredible husband has over the years given me something else.  A ‘room’ of my own so to speak.  My ‘room’ is my obessesion with sustainability. He respects my greenness and went out of his way to choose for our anniversry an incredible, sustainable and local spot to celebrate. Now that’s love.

The Sonoma Farmhouse Inn is spectacular.  My husband just uttered under his breath: “This is a beautiful place.” He’s right.
From their site:

Located in the small town of Forestville, California just minutes from Healdsburg, in the stunning Russian River Valley Region of Sonoma County’s famed wine country, Farmhouse represents the finest level of Sonoma Inns, Restaurants and Spas – where sublime guestrooms, farm-fresh food and seasonal body treatments come together in one unforgettable experience.

I could regale you with tales of the incredible uber-chic urban-meets-farmhosue design or a take-what-you-need natural soap bar at check-in or a fabulous four-poster feather bed adorned with 400-count sheets or the massive soaking tub in our bathroom.  But really my DH picked this place because it is only 71 miles away from our home and because the restaurant is known for ‘showcasing Sonoma County’s incredible diversity of agriculture and artisan producers and the sourcing organic and sustainably farmed fruits and vegetables.’  And, of course, they are known for their selection of local wines.

Really, I would have been happy pretty much anywhere. But, my real gift tonight is knowing that my partner cares enough to go local for me.

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