That’s Not Yogurt!

That's Not Yogurt: Saturday Night Live

This Saturday Night Live fake commercial sounds like a food industry dream come true!

My husband was on vacation all this week, and he’s been watching old episodes of Saturday Night Live. When this sketch/fake commercial came on, I knew that I had to share it here:

I bet that junk food manufacturers wish they could just list what’s not in a product on the ingredients label!

You see this trick sometimes on front-of-package labeling, right? “No high fructose corn syrup!” doesn’t mean that something isn’t loaded with added sugars or potentially dangerous artificial sweeteners, and “Trans fat free!” doesn’t mean a product is good for you, yet food marketers use these healthwashing tricks all the time to make products seem healthier.

Have you seen any glaring or hilarious “That’s Not Yogurt” marketing techniques when you’ve been out food shopping? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Image Credit: Yogurt photo (or is it??) via Shutterstock

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