TGI Fridays + Skinnygirl Cocktails = Unhealthy Squared

Skinnygirl False All-Natural Advertising Lawsuit


Two of America’s unhealthiest brands — TGI Fridays and Skinnygirl Vodka — have teamed up to give you the false impression that you’re eating and drinking well.

The NY Daily News recently reported that Housewives of New York and beverage mogul Bethenny Frankel has teamed up with TGI Fridays to create a line of Skinnygirl Cocktails featuring her Bare Naked Vodka. As I’ve written before in Skinnygirl Wine Exposed and Skinnygirl Exposed (Again): Not-So Naturally Flavored Vodkas and Skinnygirl Sparklers Contain Additives Linked to Aging, Cancer, Diabetes, Skinnygirl’s “natural” and “low-calorie” positions are actually just marketing ploys. The truth is Skinnygirl beverages are not healthy, natural or low calorie.

So, its not very surprising that Skinnygirl has teamed up with TGI Fridays to continue the misleading marketing to consumers. TGI Fridays was called out by  Fitness Magazine as being one of “The 30 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Restaurants in America“:

TGI Friday’s is also tight-lipped about their nutritional stats — for good reason. Eating can be an extreme sport here. And while they do post a “Right Portion, Right Price” menu, it’s intended to help the wallet, not the waistline. We could only find two items that were 500 calories or under.

For its part, TGI Fridays is promoting the joint venture with the introduction of two more ‘low-calorie’ (under 500 calories) dishes on the chain’s menu. Wow! Now TGI Fridays has a whopping four under 500-calorie entree options.

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