How Fast, Cheap, and Easy Food is Destroying the Environment [video]

agricultureTEDTalks are new media’s answer to collective interests. As a non-profit curator for lectures by the interesting minds of the world, there is ample space to hear astounding and informative speeches about the state of the world’s food supply, what it means for climate change, and how our appetite for fast, cheap and easy is contributing to environmental destruction, not to mention the decline of our own health.

Jonathon Foley‘s TEDTalk “The other inconvenient truth” explores the relationship between the food system and the environment, namely big agriculture:

A skyrocketing demand for food means that agriculture has become the largest driver of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental destruction. At TEDxTC Jonathan Foley shows why we desperately need to begin “terraculture” — farming for the whole planet.

Jonathan Foley studies complex environmental systems and their affects on society. His computer models have shown the deep impact agriculture is having on our planet.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by kevin dooley

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