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The Learning Tea

Katrell Christie owns Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, a tea shop in Atlanta, Georgia. The decor is eclectic, the tea and coffee are delicious, and thanks to her project The Learning Tea, you get so much more than just a hot drink with every cup that you buy there!

In 2009, Christie visited an orphanage and an elementary school in Darjeeling, India, and it changed her life. Darjeeling is a tea hub, but it’s also a hub for child trafficking and forced labor. The real tragedy about the situation in Darjeeling is that it’s not very costly to help these kids have a better life. Just $800 can send a girl to school, including a place to live and food, for a whole year. Christie launched The Learning Tea to change young girls’ lives.

the learning tea

Part of the profits from Dr. Bombay’s go towards supporting The Learning Tea’s mission, and you can also buy loose tea, like in the photo above, to help support the project.

Last March, The Learning Tea was able to renovate an old Darjeeling hotel into The Learning Tea House, where girls in The Learning Tea’s scholarship program can live and be safe. So far, the program has helped five girls finish high school that would never have had that opportunity before. Now, those young women are going on to study at University!

Support The Learning Tea

If you live in the Atlanta area, the simplest way to get involved with The Learning Tea is to head over to Dr. Bombay’s for a cup and check out The Learning Tea products there, too.

Folks outside of Atlanta can shop The Learning Tea online. They’re also open to teaming up with other groups that would like to sponsor a girl’s education. Dr. Bombay’s accepts donations of used books, which they sell to further support the project.

Image Credits: Tea photo via Shutterstock. The Learning Tea photo by Becky Striepe.

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