Talking Healthy Recipes!


Wondering what makes a recipe healthy or how folks who write recipes come up with their ideas?

The super-awesome Jeff McIntire Strasburg devoted last week’s Hangin’ With Sustainablog video podcast to talking about our new recipe submission feature! Our very own Tanya Sitton jumped in, and so did Priti Ambani from Ecopreneurist.

We talked about how to submit a recipe to Eat Drink Better, along with what makes a healthy recipe along with sharing some of our thoughts on cooking, ingredients, and recipe development. And Priti teased us with her pumpkin smoothie recipe that I hope she submits ASAP!

You can check out the video right here, including a pretty hilarious freeze frame of my face:

We mentioned a few of Tanya’s posts on this podcast, so I thought you guys might like links to those, if you want to read more:

Jeff had some great questions about the types of recipes we’re looking for and about ethical eating in general. If you guys ever have questions about our recipe submission feature or anything else, we’re always happy to talk food! You’re always welcome to send us an email through the site contact page!

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