Take Action: Tell Bayer to Stop Killing Bees!


Even if you don’t eat honey, bees are a critical part of your food supply. Pollinators like bees are a critical part of the life cycle for almost 1/3 of our food crops and 90 percent of wild plants. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has been a mystery for many years, but the more researchers dive into what’s killing off bee populations, the more signs point to one thing: pesticides.

Bayer is a major culprit when it comes to bee die-off, despite what the biased research they funded might say. Independent research in the EU is showing that a pesticide Bayer produces could be a major factor in CCD, and there’s a petition demanding that they withdraw it from the market. According to the petition authors:

“The dangerous chemical Bayer makes is a neonicotinoid. Neonicotonoids are soaked into seeds, spreading through the plant and killing insects stopping for a snack. These pesticides can easily be replaced by different chemicals which don’t soak so deeply into our crops. But companies like Bayer make a fortune from selling neonicotinoids – so they’ll do everything they can to protect their profit.”

Bees aren’t the only creatures that nesonicotinoid harms. There is some evidence that this pesticide poses a risk to human health, as well.

There’s a ban on this pesticide in the works in the EU, but it’s not certain that it will pass. In the meantime, it’s time for all of us as consumers to get heard! Ready to take action? You can sign the petition here!

Image Credit: Bee photo via Shutterstock

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