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Product Review: New Almond Milk Goodies from So Delicious Dairy Free

I love almond milk, so when the folks at So Delicious Dairy Free (makers of my favorite vegan ice cream in all the land) offered me samples of their new line of almond milk products, you know I jumped at the chance! I was expecting a few sample-sized containers, but they were incredibly generous and sent basically the whole new line!

Eating Vegan: Vegan Treats

While on holiday visiting my family in the States, my mom, with much secrecy and build-up, took me to a fully vegan bakery. Β When we pulled up, I had no [ … ]

Vegans Win an Ice Cream Competition

For the first time ever, a vegan ice cream won the Brown Cow Ice Cream Trough Eating Contest in Chicago. I love seeing vegan foods making their way into the [ … ]

Homemade Sorbet from Your Blender

The summer heat leaves me dreaming of frozen delights. Traditional ice cream is high in fat and not good for our bodies at all, non-dairy ice creams are often pricey. The kids enjoy all kinds of frozen treats in ice pop form… Hubs and I prefer scoops in a bowl.