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Are Germ Killing Soaps Killing Us?

The folks at The Feingold Diet have once again alerted me to new research recently presented by the American Chemical Society. If the environmentally damaging microbeads found in germ killing products isn’t [ … ]

Triclosan-Free: How to Make Hand Sanitizer from Apple Cider Vinegar

Triclosan is a controversial hand sanitizer chemical linked to endocrine disruption as well as other human health and environmental issues. It’s been linked to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and even worse, it is not effective against viruses, which are often more likely the cause of our colds and flus than bacteria in the first place. That’s not the case for apple cider vinegar though—which is antibacterial and antiviral—and you can easily learn how to make hand sanitizer with vinegar that actually works and costs less money.

J&J Phases Out Dangerous Chemicals

Last week, Johnson & Johnson announced its plan to reformulate its products to phase out dangerous chemicals like triclosan, 1,4 dioxane, phthalates, parabens and formaldehyde-releasers from nearly all its toiletries and cosmetic products within 3 1/2 years.