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BPA Free Canned Tomatoes: A Reader Tip

Muir Glen is started selling BPA-free canned tomatoes when they processed the new harvest, but they aren’t labeling the cans so that you can tell which ones are BPA free. Luckily Sara, a persistent and savvy reader, followed up with the company and got a very helpful bit of information!

Campaign for Fair Food Increases Wages by a Penny per Pound

For the last decade, the Campaign for Fair Food has been trying to reform labor conditions in Florida’s tomato industry. The Campaign for Fair Food, sponsored by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), made a big step forward last week when Pacific Tomato Growers agreed to several key labor improvements, as well as a penny a pound raise for the tomato pickers working in the fields. Another big step forward occurred this week when Florida’s largest tomato grower, Six L’s, also agreed to the improvements and raise in pay.