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Edible Landscapes Transform a Town

Pam Warhurst calls it “propaganda gardening.” Warhurst co-founded the group Incredible Edible in the little English town of Todmorden to promote eating healthy fruits and vegetables and growing food locally.

Renegade Lunch Lady Ann Cooper

Renegade lunch lady Ann Cooper discusses the food in our schools. This TED talk is a few years old, but it’s still timely. Not much has changed in most schools [ … ]

How Pig Parts Make the World Turn

Christien Meindertsma wondered what happened to the pig parts that don’t make it into the grocer’s freezer as pork. Long ago, people used all the parts of the animals they raised for food. She asked herself, β€œDo they still use all the parts?” And then she tracked one pig from the farm to the processor and through all the products he ended up in.

How Food Shapes Our Cities

In her recent TED Talk, Carolyn Steel takes a look at the history of food production and asks an important question: What would a modern city look like if it [ … ]