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Plan an Edible Gardens Tour

Seasoned gardeners know that besides getting your hands in the dirt, the best way to learn about gardening is from other gardeners. This summer, consider going on an edible gardens tour, even if you have to organize it yourself. Here’s how…

Using a Cold Frame to Start Your Summer Garden

Using a cold frame is a fantastic low-tech way to start your seeds for a summer vegetable garden. Even if you have a long growing season, you’ll have your yummy veggies on the table earlier in the summer than if you wait to sow your seeds directly in the soil.

Crowd-Funding Open Source Permaculture

Putting โ€œopen sourceโ€ and โ€œpermacultureโ€ together is a savvy combination, and in this case, itโ€™s also really useful. Add “crowd sourcing” and you’ll have the complete online tool for all things permaculture.

Romancing the Goat & Urban Homesteading

Laugh, learn and listen to the Green Divas Radio Show & Podcast!

There was lots of talk about sustainable communities, food coops, backyard chicken envy, edible lawns and if you want to LOL, donโ€™t miss the bit where Rodman talks about having to sing to a goat to get her to let him milk her on his pilot episode.