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Sustainable Wine Tweets: 18 Green Wine Geeks To Follow on Twitter

Twitter has a huge green community and a huge wine community. But, luckily, if you’re interested in both, the list gets a bit smaller. This post is a Venn diagram of where these two communities intersect. In this cross-section there are journalists, filmmakers, non-profit organizations, wineries, wine shops, app makers and industry consultants as well as a whole bunch of individual winemakers and bloggers. To put it simply, these are tweeple I follow to keep up on what’s going on in the the sustainable wine space.

Panasonic Hosting… Earth Lunch Hour?

Panasonic is an electronics company, right? So, what’s it doing in the environmentally-friendly food world? Well, I guess even electronics companies have to eat… er, their employees do. In some [ … ]