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Love Grown Foods: Granola Review

Love Grown Foods is a Denver based company that creates spectacular granola. I have had the great opportunity to review this granola, and have been fully satisfied since opening my first bag. Check it out!


Quick and simple review: I love Larabars. They are very likely my absolute favorite energy bar out there today. Why?..

Upgrading the College Diet: Study Snacks

  Finals are fast approaching on college campuses.  It’s the time of the semester when students put themselves on “lockdown” to study for comprehensive exams, write papers, or finally tackle [ … ]

DIY Breakfast Pastry Recipes

Remember not long ago, when Megan Prusynski wrote about better-for-you snacks and treats in her post, “My Top Ten Quick, Healthy, Sustainable Snacks“? And Sharon Troy wrote “Seven Eco-Friendly Options [ … ]