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Second Cargill Ground Turkey Recall

Yesterday morning, Cargill recalled 185,000 pounds of ground turkey. The ground turkey was processed at the same plant that had 36 million pounds of ground turkey recalled in early August. Despite how that sounds at first, this is an example of how the food industry should work.

Salmonella Outbreak in Ground Turkey

One death and a total of 77 illnesses have been attributed to a drug-resistant variety of salmonella. The CDC has determined that the salmonella type is in ground turkey, but they’re not telling which producer has distributed the meat.

380 Million Eggs Recalled for Salmonella Infection

Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa has issued a recall for 380 million eggs possibly infected with salmonella. The company is a repeat offender of environmental laws and has paid fines for federal immigration charges and animal cruelty charges.

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