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Reader Recipe: Gracious Green Salad Recipe

I throw together plenty of salads in any given week, the variety of toppings dependent on what I have in my fridge. Here is one that I dreamed up for lunch that happened to be abundant in the color green. The greener the better when it comes to salads, I suppose. I thought a creamy Dijon dressing would compliment this particular salad recipe nicely, so I whipped up a simple one, but feel free to use your imagination for your own dressing desires.

Grow Your Own Food Challenge: A Sad First Harvest

I promised to update you guys about my tiny container garden, for better or worse, and unfortunately I had a bit of a letdown late last week when I noticed that my Chinese broccoli had started to flower. According to my research, you are supposed to harvest before they flower, and it’s really important to get them before they go to seed.