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National Can-It-Forward Day and Giveaway

Today is National Can-It-Forward Day. Ball, maker of canning kits, jars, and automatic jam makers, is sponsoring the day. Ball has also been kind enough to give us some goodies for a giveaways to three lucky readers.

Too Much Produce? Learn To Preserve Your Bounty Through Two Community Events

I’m fascinated by folks who can can. No, silly β€” not people who dance in spicy Parisian dance halls. I’m talking about folks who can can β€” jar, put up, preserve β€” fresh food for later. But I’m a bit fearful of preserving the fresh cucumbers that fill my crisper drawer. Do I know enough about food safety? What if my pickled treasures contaminate loved ones? Yikes! I need a mentor. Fortunately, help is around the corner with two upcoming “we can help you learn to preserve” events.

Abundant Herb of the Moment: Basil

In Texas, the basil is rockin’. I’ve nurtured three plants this spring, and they are happy indeed, but I know as the summer heats up, their tender leaves will suffer. So I’m doing my best to enjoy as much of their bounty as I can now and preserve like a pioneer woman for colder times. If you love basil, I hope you’ll enjoy my quick tips for growing, using, and preserving this wonderfully spicy-yet-sweet herb.

Preserving the Harvest

Back in the days before refrigeration, freeze-drying, vacuum-pack processing, aseptic packaging and even canning, savvy cooks invented ways to store food for future use. Salting, smoking, pickling, confiting, canning and [ … ]