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Giveaway Reminder: Free copy of PLANEAT DVD

Last week we announced we will be hosting a giveaway for free copies of the wonderful documentary, PLANEAT! PLANEAT talks about the global effects of food and how diseases of affluence can be greatly aided by a plant-based diet. (If you don’t remember, you can read the review here.) Just a little reminder that you can still enter the giveaway over the weekend. See below for how to enter.

New Food Documentary: Planeat (+ vegan recipes!)

Planeat is part of a series of food documentaries that Whole Foods is helping to fund to spread awareness about the impacts of our food choices on our bodies and the planet. The film combines interviews with food scientists, doctors, and vegan chefs, which I think was a really interesting take! Rather than just talk about the problems with animal-based foods, throughout the film you got to see delicious examples of a plant-based diet.