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Beef Group Sues ABC Over Pink Slime: Legal Scholars Skeptical, Public Still Disgusted

Taking a bold stance against transparency in food production, Beef Products Inc. (BPI) announced a lawsuit against ABC News last week for their role in exposing pink slime to the American public. Legal scholars say BPI’s claim us unlikely to hold up in court, and ABC seems unconcerned. The suit may well end up serving only one purpose: to demonstrate once more how desperately our modern corporatocratic food industry resists informed consumerism.

Pink Slime Production Cut Way Back

Pink slime production has been cut way back since the public outcry against the ammonia-treated beef scraps began. Three of the four plants producing β€œlean, finely textured beef” stopped production on Monday.

Pink Slime: It’s What’s for Dinner

ABC News posted a story this week about an additive in ground beef called β€˜pink slime,’ as originally reported in The Daily and then Huffington Post. The scandal is that pink slime, or ammoniated beef trimmings, is wildly prevalent in school cafeterias.

Pink Slime Update: Major Fast Food Companies Say No

Back when we talked about “pink slime,” or ammoniated boneless lean beef trimmings, it caused quite a stir. Some people confuse this food additive with mechanically separated meat (MSM), but they’re not the same thing. MSM is not a common food additive anymore, but until recently pink slime was an additive in a large percentage of mass-produced meat products.

Keep Pink Slime Out of Burgers (Petition)

We’ve talked about so-called “pink slime” around here before, and now there’s a petition targeting the FDA asking them to ban the stuff. In case you’re not familiar with pink slim or “Boneless Lean Beef,” as it’s known in the industry, here’s a description from the petition…

Foodie Friday: Food News Roundup

We do our very best to touch on as much of the health- and environment-related news that we can from across the web, but there are always stories we don’t get to. Here’s a quick roundup of food news from the last week or so that we didn’t manage to hit on:

Pink Slime in Fast Food Burgers

In case you needed another reason to skip that fast food burger at lunch, we’ve got one for you. It turns out that several fast food chains include something called β€œpink slime” in their secret recipes.