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France’s Zero Waste Grocery Store Chain: Meet Day by Day

Zero waste grocery stores are popping up in France. Day By Day, a company whose mission is to make food shopping more environmentally responsible, has just opened its 4th zero waste market in Lille. The others are located in Versailles, Meudon-la-ForΓͺt and Fontenay-le-Fleury.

Pepsi In Paper Bottles?

PepsiCo recently filed a patent for a new paper bottle. Will it launch a packaging revolution or just a new waste stream?Β  According to BeverageDaily.com,Β PepsiCo filed a patent for a [ … ]

Dairy-based Plastics

Food packaging is perhaps one of the biggest drains on resources in our society.Β  We use petroleum to make it, use it once, possibly recycle it, but it has a [ … ]