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The Organic Watergate Dilemma

Dubbed “The Organic Watergate,” this revelation might be fighting words for some, but for those invested in the safe food community, it might mean enhanced scrutiny on our food system.

Enforcement Hammer Falls on Giant Arizona Organic Factory Farm Dairy

An industrial-scale organic dairy, located south of Phoenix in the desert Southwest, is poised to lose its USDA organic certification. The enforcement action at Shamrock Farms is the result of a USDA investigation into organic livestock management practices that was triggered by a formal complaint from The Cornucopia Institute.

Organic Beer with Non-Organic Hops?

So, you’re pumped about Oktoberfest and stocking your pantry with delicious, organic beers so you can have a responsible celebration. What if you found out that one of the main ingredients your bottle of organic brew wasn’t organic?

These Eggs Are Organic – Technically Speaking

Certified Organic foods are supposed to be grown or raised differently from conventional foods – environmentally-benign pesticides and fertilizers, if any at all, and pastured, humanely-raised animals. But is that always true? The Cornucopia Institute spent two years visiting the chicken farms of organic egg brands and what they found was not always pretty.