Michael Pollan

The Beans About Crisco

Soybean oil.Β  That’s it. That’s it? [social_buttons] Yes. After learning that Crisco got its name from crystallized cotton seed oil and waxing nostalgic about the big red-white-and-blue shortening can Mom used to keep in the cupboard for baking, I was shocked to find that a typical 32-ounce bottle of all-natural, cholesterol free Crisco Pure Vegetable …

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U.N. Declares Food Production Must Double by 2050

In a meeting to discuss food security, the head of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Jacques Diouf announced another 40 million people globally were pushed into hunger in 2008. As population estimates project there will be nine billion people on the planet in 2050, Diouf says food production must double in order to address …

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Eat the View Places Third in Climate Matters Contest

Guest contributor Pamela Price is the founder ofΒ Red, White & Grew, a blog devoted to β€œPromoting the Victory Garden Revival and other simple, earth-friendly endeavors as bipartisan, patriotic acts in an age of uncertainty.” Not too long ago, Eat the ViewΒ (ETV) founder Roger Doiron wondered here how to push the idea of creating a new …

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Food for Thought

Dear Farmer-in-Chief Michael Pollan writes a letter to the future president to explain why the health care crisis, energy independence, and climate change cannot be solved without addressing ourΒ  Some compelling facts from the essay include; “After cars, the food system uses more fossil fuel than any other sector of the economy β€” 19 percent …

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