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Food Fact: Methyl Iodide

More than 50 scientists, inluding 5 Nobel laureates, called methyl iodide “one of the more toxic chemicals used in manufacturing.” The fumigant is still legal and used in many conventional strawberry fields.

Update: California Strawberries and Methyl Iodide

About a month ago, Jeannie posted an eye-opening piece on California’s approval of the toxic soil fumigant, methyl iodide for growing strawberries. It caused a bit of a stir, both in the comments and on Facebook, and one reader reached out to let me know that she’d contacted one strawberry company to see if they were using methyl iodide on their fields.

Maybe Think Twice before Buying Strawberries from California

With strawberry season coming up, it’s worth it to bring up that California has controversially approved methyl iodide – a rather nasty pesticide – for use. California grows a very large percentage on fruits and vegetables for the US, and strawberries are maybe one of the most noteworthy. Here’s why.