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Hey (California) Hipsters, You Can Still Drink Almond Milk

Even before the California drought was threatening food security for basically every American, almond milk drinkers were being singled out. No longer could California’s Millennials sip their almond milk lattes in peace, they were now pariahs, wastefully sloshing around a few almonds in a whole lot of water for an over-priced latte they probably had to stand in line a half an hour to get. What a way to spend a Saturday. Mother Jones’ Tom Philpott lovingly scolded almond milk drinkers last year for partaking in β€œan abuse of a great foodstuff,” he wrote, noting that a protein-packed almond gets quite diluted in a jug of almond milk (which is mostly water)β€”a fool’s gold, of sorts.

The Backyard Sheep – Book Review

If you’ve ever thought about keeping sheep, but didn’t know where to start, Sue Weavers has written The Backyard Sheep for you. This introductory guide takes the reader through a survey of sheep breeds, their care, and how to deal with the most common problems that might come up.

Save My Chickens: Take Action Against NAIS

I’m sitting in my backyard, surrounded by chickens and children. A couple of dogs periodically pester both species of livestock. (Yes, I did just call my child flock β€œlivestock.”) I’m [ … ]

Livestock’s Long Shadow by David Shaw

Editor’s note: David Shaw, a participant in the blog project by Professor Simran Sethi’s Media and the Environment course at the University of Kansas, examines the global impact of livestock [ … ]