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What is the Monsanto Protection Act?

In a temporary spending bill designed to keep the U.S. government running until September, a rider was slipped in that has nothing to do with government spending at all. It’s informally called the Monsanto Protection Act. There seems to be a lot of confusion over what the rider says and doesn’t say. I hope this will clear up a few things.

Beef Group Sues ABC Over Pink Slime: Legal Scholars Skeptical, Public Still Disgusted

Taking a bold stance against transparency in food production, Beef Products Inc. (BPI) announced a lawsuit against ABC News last week for their role in exposing pink slime to the American public. Legal scholars say BPI’s claim us unlikely to hold up in court, and ABC seems unconcerned. The suit may well end up serving only one purpose: to demonstrate once more how desperately our modern corporatocratic food industry resists informed consumerism.

Don’t Let Them Cut Off Our Nuts!

[social_buttons]Help Overturn the Mandated “Pasteurization” of Raw Almonds Almond Growers Sue USDA Over Compulsory Almond Treatment Your support is needed to win the lawsuit brought by domestic almond growers against [ … ]