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Amazon.com Removes Whale Meat from Site

Amazon.com has been allowing whale meat to be sold on its Japanese site (amazon.co.jp), but within hours of a press release from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) highlighting this fact, Amazon removed the whale meat from its site. However, there doesn’t seem to be a corporate-wide policy that would keep whale meat from being sold again.

Fukushima radiation found in California milk, fruit, vegetables

Authorities in the U.S. insist that there is no danger to public health or the environment from the Fukushima nuclear crisis, and that levels of radiation that have been detected in water, air, soil and food in North America since the accident are in such minuscule quantities as to present little to no danger. EPA discontinued its Fukushima radiation monitoring efforts, and FDA says there is no danger to our food or seafood and therefore testing is not necessary. There have been no calls since the accident for heightened nuclear safety inspections or to upgrade or decommission aging nuclear power plants in the U.S.