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Early Factory Farming: The Chicken of Tomorrow

We talk a lot about factory farming and battery cages around here, but how did our food system get where we are today? A very cheesy 1948 short gives a glimpse into the roots of factory farming here in the U.S. Enjoy the short (and the MST3K riffing) right here.

The Superhero Diet

Superheroes–humans with powers beyond what any ordinary man or woman possesses–have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Surely they have an extensive fitness regimen to keep them in tip top shape but what do our favorite men of might eat that gives them the fuel they need to keep the world safe?

Since we’ll be meeting a slew of crime fighting hunks this summer, let’s break down what these comic book kings most likely feast on for overall health and fitness!

Sunday Funny: Cadbury Eggs

Easter is just one week away, and that means those sugary Cadbury Eggs are absolutely everywhere. The hilarious xkcd uses those sugar bombs to put other sweet treats into perspective.

Welcome to the Farmacy

I feel like this comic by Dan Piraro embodies so much of what we’re about here at Eat Drink Better. Eat food – real food – and you’ll be happier and healthier!

Vegan World Pie Chart

This is something I ran across awhile back and then ran across again and have wanted to cover for awhile but have put off — a pie chart on what would happen if the whole world became vegan. It’s pretty simple, but definitely fun and worth a quick look and share.

Monsanto on MST3K

What does riffing on bad sci-fi films have to do with Monsanto? Usually, not much, which is why I was surprised to hear a reference to the biotech giant in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).

Video: Ask Your Doctor About Meatβ„’

Our food system is serious business and seriously broken, and it’s easy to get pretty doom and gloom about that. This video takes the heavy subjects of meat production, animal cruelty, and meat’s environmental impacts and sums it up with a little bit of a wink. OK, more like a big wink.

Friday Funny: Soup Song from The Mighty Boosh

Food can be serious business. Whether you’re talking about GMOs and the biotech industry or controversial food policy, sometimes we just need a break. I hope you’ll dig this clip from British sitcom The Mighty Boosh as much as I did!

Vast Food Nation: The Green Death

Sunday Funnies: Vast Food Nation Episode 1 Animator Adam Pava brings us Large Lad and his posse of celebrity food mascots in a funny parody from AniBoom. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/v/fJ3-ZCebAC4&hl=en]