Vegetarian Victory: History of Vegetarianism Radio Project is a GO!

Last month we told you about Ian McDonald’s grand vision: a popular history of vegetarianism through the ages, told through a free and easily accessible BBC-quality radio program. The only catch? Big plans need big funding. But in breaking news, this detail is no longer problematic: as of yesterday, crowd-funding for Vegetarianism: The Story So Far – A Radio History achieved success! So if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or veg-curious — or just a fan of both history and food — watch this space. The world’s first comprehensive vegetarian history radio project is officially underway!

Know Your Roots, Be the Change: Vegetarian History Project Launches!

The Vegan Option’s Ian McDonald just launched a Kickstarter project to fund his most ambitious project yet: The Story So Far: Vegetarianism — A Radio History. I had a chance to interview Ian recently, and am now completely excited about this brand-new radio project! It offers a something the veg movement has never before had: a complete, accessible, and cohesive picture of our historical roots. Yes, please!

The True Thanksgiving Day History: Thank Journalism, not Pilgrims

As you recover from your day of Thanksgiving feasting, you might be curious as to whom you should really thank for your day off from work or school day of celebration. There are many stories, myths, and misinformation surrounding Thanksgiving history. Equally significant are the many strong emotions and opinions evoked this holiday, including everything …

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