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Why School Lunch Matters

School lunch matters. It seems obvious enough, but sometimes it helps to remind ourselves of the importance of school nutrition with some solid numbers.

Censorship Feeds 2000 Hungry Children for a Year

Nine-year-old Martha Payne blogs about her school lunch, posting photos and rating taste, health, mouthfuls, and number of hairs found in it. When a newspaper article about her blog had a negative headline, the local governing council told Martha she could no longer post photos of her school lunches. What followed was a kerfuffle that raised enough money to feed 2000 hungry children for a year.

Fighting Childhood Obesity by Focusing on Mom’s Diet

We know that childhood obesity is a serious health problem here in the U.S., but getting to the root of the issue is going to take some doing. Researchers at Michigan State University recently published a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that looks at lower income families and how moms’ food habits affect their kids.

USDA Farm to School Grant Program

The USDA is accepting applications for Farm to School Grants. The USDA is expected to award $3.5 million to schools to plan and implement farm to school programs. The first deadline is May 18, so time is already running out.