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Real Food in the Mainstream: Will Allen on the Colbert Report

Urban farming advocates like Will Allen and the nonprofit he works with called Growing Power are looking to change that by building farms in cities that grow lots of food in sometimes not a lot of space. Allen wrote a book on his urban farming efforts: The Good Food Revolution, and on Tuesday night he talked to Stephen Colbert about urban farming, food deserts, and kohlrabi. Check it out!

More Food Garden Eye Candy

It’s been warm and rainy here in Atlanta, and our food garden is blowing UP! I headed out to the garden with my camera the other day to take some shots of our food-growing progress, and I’d love to hear what’s growing in your gardens! Tell me about what you’re planting or planning to plant in the comments. If you have photos, feel free to share links, too.

Poison Hemlock: Dangerous Garden Invader

Container gardeners don’t need to worry as much about weeds and pests, but if you’re growing your food in the ground sometimes things pop up in the old garden that are not so welcome. That’s not always bad, right? Sometimes you get delicious volunteers from the compost bin. If the uninvited garden guests are weeds, you just pull them out and move on. But there’s one weed that pops up in food gardens that’s a little bit tricky and can be dangerous: poison hemlock.

Patricia Larenas Talks Edible Gardening at Earth911

Patricia Larenas–aka Urban Artichoke–is our resident edible gardening expert, and she got a chance to sit down with Alexis Petru at Earth911 earlier this week to chat about growing food. She talked about gardening for beginners and shared some rock-solid tips on how to get started gardening no matter what your situation. Whether you have a house with a big yard or an apartment with a small balcony or windowsill to work with, she’s got you covered. Here’s an excerpt:

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