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Grow Your Own Food Challenge: Reader Garden

I launched the Grow Your Own Food Challenge to help motivate myself to get growing and hopefully inspire other readers to hop on board and grow some food of their own. You guys have shared some great tips and experiences in the comments, and I wanted to share some email excerpts from reader Garp who’s got a nice food garden of his own going.

Grow Your Own Food Challenge: A Sad First Harvest

I promised to update you guys about my tiny container garden, for better or worse, and unfortunately I had a bit of a letdown late last week when I noticed that my Chinese broccoli had started to flower. According to my research, you are supposed to harvest before they flower, and it’s really important to get them before they go to seed.

Deciding What to Grow: Top Choices for First-Time Gardeners

Growing your own food can be a daunting task, so I think it’s especially important for first-time gardeners to set themselves up for success. One way to maximize your probability of a decent harvest is to plant varieties that are relatively uncomplicated. Here are some of my top picks for beginner gardeners.

Grow Your Own Food Challenge: Turning Lawn Into Garden

You might assume that because I work on farms, I know everything I need to know about growing my own food. Unfortunately, that is not the case! As part of our Grow Your Own Food Challenge, I’ll be documenting my attempt to turn my lawn into a vegetable garden. But transforming sod into a workable garden bed is not easy! Here are four organic methods I’ve been considering.