Green Revolution

Getting “More Crop Per Drop” to Strengthen Global Food Security

The Green Revolution of the 1960s led to a near tripling of global grain production and a doubling of the world’s irrigated area. It also, however, demanded vast quantities of water. Previous agricultural investments have focused narrowly on increasing crop yields, while there has been relatively little research and investment in ways to make better use of scarce water resources. Affordable innovations that boost agricultural development and meet the increasing demand on already-scarce water resources while also mitigating the impacts of climate change, are more important than ever.

The Local Food That Matters The Most

[social_buttons] If you have read some of my earlier posts you know that I see a positive, but actually quite limited role for “local food.” But there is a situation where the increased production of “local food” is not just a nice concept – it is a moral imperative.   I’m talking about places like rural, sub-Saharan …

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