Share an Avocado Recipe, Win a $12,400 Rose Bowl Package

If you’ve been an EatDrinkBetter reader for while, I think you know by now that my favorite food is the always delicious (except when rotten..) and healthy avocado. The nice thing is, a lot of people love avocados.. and I just learned about a fun avocado recipe contest this week, Kick Off with Hass Avocados Recipe Contest, where you can share one of your favorite avocado recipes, learn about others’, and possibly win a grand prize valued at $12,400!

LÄRABAR Variety Pack Winner

I was so happy to read the comments of all the enthusiastic LÄRABAR lovers who feel the same way about the healthy bars as I do, as well as the comments by those dying to try them. If you weren’t the lucky winner, I highly encourage you to find them somewhere and give a few flavors a try.

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