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Consumers Need More Choice When It Comes to GMO’s!

There have been numerous studies conducted showing that genetically engineered crops are not safe for us or for our environment and that they potentially threaten the future of our food chain. All of the European Union (EU), and many other countries around the world, have instituted either serious restrictions or bans on the use of GMOs. All EU countries require genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled.

The story in the Unites States is very different.

Do Biotechnology and Organic Farming Go Together?

The Economist magazine is sponsoring an online debate about whether biotechnology is sustainable. It’s not quite the same old GMO vs. organic farming argument. The Economist has rounded up some of the top people in the field to state their position for or against. There’s room there for your own rebuttals and arguments, if you choose. And there’s a poll.