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Meal in a Can: The Opposite of What EDB is About

One thing I love about Eat Drink Better is seeing all the great ways readers, writers, and professional cooks put different ingredients together. It’s always interesting, and usually looks amazing. This article about a stomach-churning 12-course meal in a can, though? It’s pretty much the opposite of eating and drinking better.

Fresh Guacamole Short: Stop Motion Food

Director PES created this “Fresh Guacamole” short for Showtime, and it was too adorable not to share here. We talk about a lot of serious business in this space, but when it comes right down to it, food is about community and it’s about fun, right? Enjoy!

Vegan World Pie Chart

This is something I ran across awhile back and then ran across again and have wanted to cover for awhile but have put off — a pie chart on what would happen if the whole world became vegan. It’s pretty simple, but definitely fun and worth a quick look and share.

Friday Funny: Soup Song from The Mighty Boosh

Food can be serious business. Whether you’re talking about GMOs and the biotech industry or controversial food policy, sometimes we just need a break. I hope you’ll dig this clip from British sitcom The Mighty Boosh as much as I did!