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Food Security & Global Weirding

Now, this didn’t hit me until recently, but if you don’t follow climate science closely (or much at all), you may have a hard time making the connection between climate change (or global weirding) and food security or food prices.

Texas’ Worst Drought in 44 Years Driving Food Prices Up

In January, February, and March, I discussed the link between climate change and rising food prices. Well, there was big news out of Texas recently bringing us back to that topic yet again. Texas is experiencing its worst drought in 44 years and it is damaging the state’s wheat crop. This is driving up the price of wheat and meat (ranchers have had to reduce the size of their herds).

Food Prices Rising Fast in U.S., More to Come?

I wrote last week that we should probably cover the link between food and broader issues a little more here on Eat Drink Better. With a nudge from our site director, Becky Striepe, and network founder/publisher, David Anderson, I’ve decided to cover the complicated but important topic of rising food prices today.

The LA Times had a decent piece on this topic recently that included a number of interesting food statistics. What of the following did you know?

Climate Change and Rise in Food Prices

We’ve talked about the projected rise in food prices here before, so when Zach posted a video on the topic over at our sister site, Planetsave, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys, too.

Global Food Supply Issues & Chance of Food Riots

These days, living in a global village of sorts, we can easily take for granted the wide variety of foods we have access to and relatively low food prices. However, as the United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog (USAFLPB) notes, global food supply may be approaching its limit, we are currently seeing considerable price increases, and we could see much more in the future.

Egg Producers Accused of Price Fixing

Food service industry giant Sodexo Inc. has accused several egg producers of artificially inflating the costs of eggs over the last decade. Egg prices have more than doubled in the last ten years, with a 40% increase in price in 2008 alone.