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Eating Fresh, Local Food Direct Through Community Supported Agriculture

If you’re looking to eat amazingly fresh food, support local farmers, and live a more sustainable lifestyle, then consider investing in a farm share. Also known as Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA), farm sharing has become an increasingly common option for consumers to purchase food directly from a local farm.

Too Many Farmers Markets?

A recent piece in the New York Times talked to some farmer’s market organizers and farmers about a relatively new problem: too many farmers markets.

Ending Hunger Now

It’s not all about producing enough food, but […] about providing people access to that food. So many of us are blessed with access to enough food for ourselves and our families, with enough left over that we waste food at an alarming rate. This talk gives you a look at the face of hunger, and Sheeran shows us some real-life solutions for feeding the world.

Is Organic Agriculture a Myth, or a Viable Reality?

Please forgive me for the long piece. But as someone with a lot of knowledge about pesticides and their use, and organic, new and novel farming techniques, I found this article by Scientific American to be an appalling hit piece against non-conventional agriculture. It’s so laden with misdirection, half truths and outright lies that I feel the need to address it directly.