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Global Food Supply Issues & Chance of Food Riots

These days, living in a global village of sorts, we can easily take for granted the wide variety of foods we have access to and relatively low food prices. However, as the United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog (USAFLPB) notes, global food supply may be approaching its limit, we are currently seeing considerable price increases, and we could see much more in the future.

Measuring Monsanto

[social_buttons] From what I read and hear, I’m convinced that there are three groups which tend to over-estimate the global role of Monsanto. These include: Monsanto’s many detractors Monsanto’s admirers, [ … ]

Feeding America

Recently, talking about the food crisis globally on our sister site Feel Good Style, I also thought about these same issues domestically, here in the United States, and rediscovered Feeding [ … ]

Food for Thought

© Elena Elisseeva | Dreamstime.com Magic Mushrooms Shiitake Mushrooms may contain compounds that improve the function of the immune system. The compounds are called high-molecular-weight polysaccharides (HMWP) are more prevalent [ … ]