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Eating Vegan in Gainesville, Florida

While I am a proud University of Miami Alum, yep, I’m a Hurricane, I have to give props to the Florida town that is home to the University of Florida. Gator Town, that is. Good ol’ Gainesville, Florida had a smorgasboard of healthy and vegan goodness and I am excited to tell you all about it.

In Iowa, exposing animal cruelty could be a crime

People don’t like animal cruelty. And they sure don’t want to eat meat that comes from animals that have been subjected to inhumane and abusive treatment.

In Iowa, they’ve found a way to solve that problem: criminalize folks who expose cruel and inhumane animal treatment. Last week the state House of Representatives passed HF 589 (pdf), and it’s poised to pass the State Senate (as SF 431) as well.

Orlando Attractions: Vegan Eats?

If you’ve only been to the attraction saturated parts of Orlando, do yourself a favor and head downtown. You’ll get to see some beautifully historic neighborhoods, complete with original brick streets, cute shops and fine dining. Here are a few of the delicious, vegan-friendly restaurants in the Orlando area.