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Task Force to Identify Farmers Market Fraud in California

We trust farmers markets to be the anti-supermarket. There are no unflattering fluorescent lights, loud disorienting music, those confusing price tags or dizzying endcaps. But what if farmers market stalls were just going to the supermarket for youβ€”and bringing those store-bought items to their stalls? It’s happening in California, and the state is cracking down.

Go Local During National Farmers Market Week Through August 11th

Studies show that most supermarket produce has traveled hundreds of miles from harvest to store. During its trip, it has lost most of its nutritional value and taste. Why buy dismal, well-traveled fruits and vegetables when you can find superb, locally-grown produce at a farmers market in your area?

The Peterson Farm Bros Sing About Agriculture’s Worth

The USDA tells us to: “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food.” The American Farmland Trust reminds us: “No Farms, No Food.” Powerful messages indeed. And then there are the Peterson brothers β€” Greg, Nathan, and Kendal β€” from Kansas. They farm. They sing. And they’ve gone viral to the delight of millions. After writing funny, farm-friendly lyrics to LMFAO’s hit “I’m Sexy And I Know It,” these three brothers β€” who’ve branded themselves as The Peterson Farm Bros β€” have found a fresh way to focus a well-deserved spotlight on the people who grow our food.