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Edamame Recipe: Farm Fresh Now

Edamame (eh-dah-mah-may) are sweet young things — sweet, young soybeans, to be exact. And they are perhaps the world’s easiest and most nutritious snack food. Popped from the pod directly into your mouth, the slick orbs have a pleasing toothiness, followed by a sweet, buttery taste that makes it impossible to eat just one. In fact, in Japan, where I first enjoyed them, the edamame recipe below takes the place of peanuts, and come to the table as a salty snack in bars.

Study Finds Hopeful People Eat Better

A new study finds that people who are hopeful choose healthier foods than those who are happy. How can this be? I’m no scientist, but when I’m in a good mood I tend to want to do goodβ€”for my body, my mind, and everyone I meet on the street. Either my symptoms are atypical, or I’m just not paying attention.

The Lunch Box β€” M&Ms?

“Mommy,” said my child at dinner, lima bean poised on fork, “I like M&Ms.” She then pops the lima bean into her mouth and eats it. “M&Ms?” I replied. “Oh, [ … ]