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Because You Might Have To: The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook

Imagining how youโ€™d survive the zombie apocalypse is a lot more fun that trying to figure out how youโ€™d get adequate protein and calories in a shipwreck, off-roading accident, or other survival situation. In both cases, though, itโ€™s- I donโ€™t know how to lead into this smoothly, so Iโ€™ll just say it: youโ€™re going to eat a bug.

10 Bugs You Didnโ€™t Know You Could Eat

Many insects are actually a good (and cheap) source of protein, and while most people eat bugs out of necessity, nowadays some insects are also considered a delicacy. Eating bugs could even help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So pull up a chair, grab your plate, and read on to learn the top 10 edible insects, based on taste and popularity.