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GMOs in Natural Breakfast Cereals

GMOs are found in many breakfast cereals labeled β€œnatural”, including popular brands like Barbara’s, Kashi, and Mother’s.

The Cornucopia Institute tested a wide variety of breakfast cereals for genetically engineered ingredients. What they found is surprising. Even long-time respected natural brands contain 25%-100% GMOs.

Horizon Organic Milk Claims Misleading Customers?

Horizon Organic Milk is marketed by White Wave, which is a division of Dean’s Foods. It is the largest organic milk bottler and the largest dairy conglomerate in the United States. The Cornucopia Institute filed a formal request with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last week “asking for an investigation into Dean Foods’ advertisements for its Horizon milk with Omega-3 DHA.” The Cornucopia Institute believes that Horizon Organic Milk’s nutritional benefits are being overstated.

These Eggs Are Organic – Technically Speaking

Certified Organic foods are supposed to be grown or raised differently from conventional foods – environmentally-benign pesticides and fertilizers, if any at all, and pastured, humanely-raised animals. But is that always true? The Cornucopia Institute spent two years visiting the chicken farms of organic egg brands and what they found was not always pretty.

Don’t Let Them Cut Off Our Nuts!

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