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Starting a Garden When You Canโ€™t (or Donโ€™t Want to) Do the Work: Yard Sharing Organizations

Do you love fresh veggies more than the process of actually growing them? Is your yard a farmer’s dream, but your work schedule a gardener’s nightmare? Perhaps you have physical disabilities or other health issues that make tending a garden difficult. Never fear: fresh hyperlocal produce can still be yours! With some networking help from these yard sharing groups, you might have more springtime gardening options than you realize.

Crowd-Funding Open Source Permaculture

Putting โ€œopen sourceโ€ and โ€œpermacultureโ€ together is a savvy combination, and in this case, itโ€™s also really useful. Add “crowd sourcing” and you’ll have the complete online tool for all things permaculture.